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Makers Academy

Hiring Terms


If you hire someone we introduced you to, then you pay £5,000, invoiced on their start date, payable within 20 days.

If that person leaves for any reason in the first 3 months, we'll replace them for free; if we can't find a replacement, we'll give you a refund.


MAKERS ACADEMY - means Makers Academy Ltd, 50-52 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT.

HIRING PARTNER - means a company intending to employ Candidates.

COURSE - means the 16 week training course that Makers Academy provides, both Onsite and Remote.

CANDIDATE - means a person who has been accepted onto and has started the Course, and has not left the Course or been awarded a refund for the Course.

INTRODUCTION - means when a Candidate meets one or more representatives of the Hiring Partner, whether in person, by email or other electronic messaging service, by telephone or video call, by direct application to the Hiring Partner’s recruitment process, or in the course of an Event. An Introduction is valid for 12 months, after which a subsequent Introduction must be made for a Recruitment Fee to be payable by the Hiring Partner.

EVENT - means an event organised by Makers Academy where Candidates can meet representatives of the Hiring Partner and, sometimes, other companies intending to hire from Makers Academy.

PERMANENT ROLE - means where the Candidate is an employee of the Hiring Partner.

RECRUITMENT FEE - means the fee due to Makers Academy when a Candidate is hired into a Permanent Role, following an Introduction, according to Schedule A.

All prices, fees or costs in this agreement are exclusive of Value Added Tax.

Makers Academy is not liable for any claims of any nature (unless of a type that cannot be legally excluded) arising from the Introduction of any Candidate to the Hiring Partner.


Makers Academy and the Hiring Partner agree that:

The Hiring Partner undertakes to inform Makers Academy when it hires a Candidate and to provide Makers Academy details of the terms on which the Candidate has been hired, including but not limited to:

Makers Academy reserves the right to request reasonable and necessary additional information to calculate any Fee.

Payment of Fees

Any Fees due will be payable in a single payment to Makers Academy within 20 calendar days of the Start Date.


For Permanent Roles, if a Candidate’s employment with the Hiring Partner is terminated, for any reason, within three months of their Start Date, and the Hiring Partner informs Makers Academy of this fact within 10 working days, Makers Academy will charge no additional Fee for the Hiring Partner to hire another Candidate during the following 10 working days.

If the Hiring Partner does not hire another Candidate within those 10 working days, then Makers Academy will refund a proportion of the Recruitment Fee, depending on when the termination of employment occurs:

Fees will not be refundable other than as described here.

Schedule A - Fees

For a Permanent Role, the Recruitment Fee will be £5,000.