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Europe's best engineers

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Who they are

Makers Academy developers are passionate, driven, curious and engaging.

They solve their own problems, are exceptionally fast and effective learners, and understand the business context beyond the code.

The majority of our developers have been successful in another industry, including law, marketing, banking, design, and many more: that's experience they'll bring to your company.

Jack Oddy

Restaurant supervisor to Junior Developer at ANDigital

Hired : 2017

Asif Hafeez

Sales Agent to Consultant Software Engineer

Hired : January 2017

Felix Harrison

Events Manager to Consultant Software Engineer

Hired : January 2017

Rhiannon Lolley Neville

Business Analyst to Consultant Software Engineer

Hired : November 2016

Joe Wroe

Mortgage Broker to Developer at ThoughtWorks.

Hired : January 2017

Merve Taner

Pharmaceuticals to Junior Developer at Spabreaks

Hired : May 2016

Mic Cassano

IT Consultant to Developer at Pi-Top

Hired : June 2016

Eleanor Vilimaite

Front end Developer to Junior Developer at Career Interactive

Hired : October 2016

Hannah Carney

3D Designer to Junior Developer at Play Consulting

Hired : October 2016

Lorenzo Turrino

Store Manager to Developer at Farm Digital

Hired : October 2016

William Bautista

PR Analyst to Junior Developer at Smart Pension

Hired : October 2016

Anindya Bhattacharyya

Journalist to Junior Developer at PensionBee

Hired : October 2016

Meet our candidates

Makers Academy produces 24 talented software developers every 4 weeks. They get jobs at hundreds of companies, including Thoughtworks, Deloitte Digital, Financial Times and the BBC, in every type of industry. The people we train are hugely diverse and proficient in a range of coding languages and frameworks.

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Makers Academy is a Conveyor Belt of Awesome. There's no other source of recruitment I'd put this much energy into. - Martin Aspeli, Head of Engineering at Deloitte Digital