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Our service:

Take your tech recruitment to the next level

We’ve helped 300+ companies make their hiring practices more efficient.

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Financial Times
Deloitte Digital
Pivotal Labs
Marks and Spencer Labs

Work with us

Strategic consultation on how to improve your hiring is a fundamental part of our service, included at no additional cost. Our dedicated Careers team provide advice and guidance at 3 key areas of the hiring funnel.


Are you getting enough applications to your software engineering roles? We’ve got some amazing tips on how to open up the floodgates.

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Are you confident you’re making the right decisions when filtering your tech talent pool? Ask us how to never miss a great candidate again.

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Are you keeping your engineers after you’ve done all that hard work? We can advise on how to cultivate the right environment to keep them engaged.

How to hire from Makers Academy

Compare the Market has hired 18 Makers so far to support a growing digital team. Watch how they adapted their hiring process to secure the best people.

We can work together on:


What you're looking for

Defining what good looks like is the first step to attracting the right sort of candidates.


A custom hiring plan

Every employer is different. We can create a bespoke process based on your needs.

Promoting your

Employer brand

We'll collaborate on videos, blogs and social media to raise awareness within our community.


On job descriptions

We'll run a workshop to help you remove the bottleneck and increase quality of applications.


On cultural interviews

Culture fit is just as important as technical ability. We'll help you communicate it.


technical interviews

Make sure you're testing for the right things. We offer bespoke tech assessments or advice.

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If you're an employer looking to hire quality software talent, we'd love to talk to you to find out what you're looking for. We'll email you first to get in touch and arrange the best time to chat.

We just need 15 minutes to understand your needs.