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Success Story


Jade Daubney

Graduate Talent, UK

“ThoughtWorks is thrilled to hire 68% of the people we interviewed from Makers Academy - way above what we would expect from any other source.”

The Challenge

As a leading tech consultancy advocating for positive social change, ThoughtWorks was already a popular choice with engineers from Makers Academy.

But with diversity and scalability featuring at the top of the recruitment agenda, Jade needed to look further than computer science graduates to balance the profile of her talent pipeline.

“We spend a lot of time focusing on gender parity but we wanted to do more.”

The Solution

Deciding to work with Makers Academy on the Women in Tech Scholarships program was an obvious choice for Jade because the organisations share such similar principles.

“It was something we’d wanted to do for ages. Diversity is not just something that we do at Thoughtworks, it’s part of who we are. It was a bit frustrating that everyone who joined Thoughtworks was privileged enough to have been to University, so the scholarship was something we wanted to do to offer opportunities to women from different backgrounds.”

Not only that but the curriculum that Makers offered was exactly what ThoughtWorks looked for in a graduate; “From technical knowledge to natural curiosity, Makers always introduces us to the right people.”

The Result

The recruitment change program was something that altered the Thoughtworks hiring process, permanently - for the better.

The passion and love for technology shown by the scholars is a hidden gem that Jade is excited to see flourish, and when it comes to business outcomes; “It’s proven that diverse teams are more productive.”

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