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Success Story


Freddie Fforde


“We now have a reliable, successful source for developers - not to mention friends who are always ready with advice.”

The Challenge

Determined to build a team that reflected the diversity of their customers, Movebubble were struggling to get a variety of talented developer candidates through the door.

The Solution

Joining forces with Makers Academy meant that Movebubble had an ally just as dedicated to diversity as they were. They had instant access to candidates from all walks of life, and were able to make sure they hired the right people for their team.

“We suddenly found ourselves with a huge mix of talented developers, all of whom were passionate about the work we were doing. Emily, our Makers Academy advisor, was exceptional, and dedicated to making sure we found the perfect candidates. We no longer have to worry about taking on developers who aren’t quite the right fit, and are proud to champion diversity in tech.”

The Result

“We’ve been inspired to continue developing our hiring culture - turning our Makers into leaders and continuing the fight to unearth great talent from unexpected places.”

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