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Success Story

Kurt Geiger

Thys Swart

Development Manager

“I’ve never had this kind of support before. We used to go to recruitment companies when we needed new developers. We don’t need to talk to recruitment companies anymore.”

The Challenge

Kurt Geiger were tired of dealing with traditional recruitment agencies - feeling they often lacked high-quality candidates, as well as technical understanding. They felt a disconnect between the jobs they were trying to fill, and the talent that was being sent their way.

”We needed an approach where we could build a real relationship with a technical company, and not always fall back on inconsistent talent from agencies.“

”We wanted candidates who were passionate and motivated about our work, not people who were looking for a job, any job.“

The Solution

Working with Makers Academy allowed Kurt Geiger to build long term relationships with a pool of diverse, trained candidates, all with real-world knowledge and passion for the job.

”Taking out the recruitment middle-man meant that conversations were simpler, fairer and and centred around what mattered - the work.”

”We were very well led throughout the process - it wasn’t about ‘selling’ ourselves to candidates, it was about building real relationships, getting to know new talent and watching them solve real-world problems in front of us.“

”All the candidates are of such a high quality, so motivated, so passionate. It’s been brilliant. We’re so pleased.“

They were able to hire a fantastic software developer with an unexpected background and experience - adding a new, distinct voice into their workforce.

The Result

Kurt Geiger now have a pool of diverse talent that they can depend on, filled with people who are not only excited to get started, but are trained to hit the ground running.

”The best thing about Makers Academy is that it’s quality-driven. The baseline knowledge that every candidate leaves with is just fantastic - I usually have to teach the stuff Makers Academy candidates already know. And it’s not just application, they’ve been taught the reasoning behind it. Fantastic.“

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