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Success Story

FARM Digital

Jon Atkinson

Technical Director

“Makers Academy does what traditional academia can’t: creates talented engineers that are ready to work in the real world.”

The Challenge

Expanding into Manchester, FARM was looking for a sustainable, cyclical approach to hiring tech talent, with real-world experience of the world of software engineering.

The Solution

Jon joined forces with Makers because of a unified belief that old tech recruitment methods weren’t up to scratch. They examined and discarded antiquated, potentially harmful hiring techniques, and built a new recruitment system based on highlighting real life skills in day-to-day working conditions.

“At interview, we’ve stopped putting candidates behind a desk and asking them to write code on a whiteboard. Instead we get them to work with our team on realistic scenarios - we get them asking questions to see if it’s a good match. It’s not just them proving themselves to us, it’s us proving ourselves to them.”

The result has been an overhaul in tech talent intake, with a focus on stripping away old biases and judging candidates on pure ability.

The Result

“There are so many people who, on paper, don’t seem like the right fit - but get them into the company, get them working on a problem, and they can completely surprise you. The results have been outstanding.”

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