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Success Story

Deloitte Digital

Martin Aspeli

Head of Engineering

“A pipeline of smart people is more important than hiring for specific roles. Deloitte Digital has hired 25 people from Makers Academy in less than 1 year.”

The Challenge

In the past, Deloitte Digital’s strategy for hiring graduate software developers was centered around the time of year when university students graduated, meaning that they were looking to support their recruitment with additional hires throughout the year.

The Solution

Martin chose to partner with Makers Academy because of their shared principles of software craft and clean code. He discovered a steady stream of talent that was aligned to his company’s vision. “We believed in the same things and hit it off immediately.”

The approach to teaching at Makers Academy was also appealing to an organisation that needed to hire frequently, and fast.

“Generally speaking, the best developers are polyglots – they can adapt and grow into new technologies fairly easily, but their skills lie in problem-solving and in learning fast, regardless of the specific languages they’re working in right now.” - Ruben Kostucki, Head of Operations at Makers Academy.

As a consultancy, Deloitte’s engineers are constantly working in different coding languages, which is why Makers Academy people proved to be a great match. “An ability to teach yourself new things is ingrained into the curriculum at Makers Academy, and everyone there is passionate about learning new skills.”

The Result

“Juniors from Makers Academy are the perfect complement to our team at Deloitte, and we are delighted that we can now hire them all year round.”

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