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Success Story


Gideon Farrell

CTO and Cofounder

“I was initially sceptical of bootcamps, but I really like Makers Academy. They teach their developers the right way - with practical skills, that translate to the real world of coding.”

The Challenge

The team at Converge were seeing a gap between the CVs they were getting through the door, and real-world ability. On paper, their candidates were good, but many couldn’t keep up when it came to practical application.

“I was reading CVs where people seemed to have fantastic qualifications, but when we got them into technical tests, they would struggle. Basic fundamentals were missing, and it meant we couldn’t grow our team at the speed we wanted.”

The Solution

Converge came to Makers Academy to see a different kind of training, where graduate software developers learnt real-world skills in programmes designed to reflect the current world of work.

Not only did it become clear that these candidates were qualified, but they were also from a far wider background than traditional tech talent.

“It was good to see passionate candidates from all walks of life, not just white, male Cambridge physicists. They were being taught the right way - to sit down and bash away at a problem until you get through and solve it. I think that’s great.”

It’s meant a change in hiring expectation, and a leap forward for diversity in their team.

The Result

“My expectations have been recalibrated a little, I think. It’s not just about what’s on paper, it’s about what they can do. It’s great to have people with different backgrounds and experiences working on a problem - it means you have different perspectives and more solutions.”

”We’ll be able to build more, and faster, having the right people and more hands on deck.”

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