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Success Story


Dan Bass

Head of Product

“Makers Academy engineers can actually code: they’re able to approach a problem and build a quality solution. From our experience, they have all hit the ground running, where university grads can have a bigger learning curve because of the lecture environment. Makers engineers add value from day one because the course structure simulates the real world.”

The Challenge

Before the organisation started hiring talent through Makers Academy, comparethemarket.com was finding it challenging to recruit quality software engineers.

The team had tried a few different sources, including universities and job boards, but ultimately had trouble attracting a high enough calibre of people. The volume of applicants was high, but they were finding it hard to spot talent through the noise.

The Solution

Dan Bass started working with Makers Academy to try and locate engineers with the right behaviours that would grow with the business. For a while, his ambition had been to bring in correct behaviours rather than skills, because he knew his organisation could teach skills more easily than teaching attitude.

When Dan met Ruben, (COO of Makers) he discovered an immediate synergy between the two businesses.

“We had so much in common around how people learn and grow when developing software, it really worked.” The emphasis placed on constant improvement of the curriculum was also a huge factor for Dan in deciding to work together.

“The only risk we were taking was the slight difference in tech stack,” said Dan. “Your developers don’t learn C# as part of the course so there was a risk that they might have been too inexperienced. However, all the developers we’ve hired have hit the ground running because they have a solid background in object-oriented design, a great problem-solving approach and picked up the necessary skills very quickly.”

The Result

“The people that we’ve hired have all made a positive impact. With their proactive approach, they soon gain the respect of the development community. With Makers Academy we have tapped into a great opportunity to hire talent new to the tech industry.”

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